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About SBA

Welcome to SBA

We pride ourselves on our constructive and collaborative approach to contract administration, which draws on our extensive experience and skills. As a multi-discipline engineering consultancy we are able to manage, monitor and appraise the key design and construction works applicable to new-build, conversion, refurbishment and upgrade projects, in a variety of sectors.

Services typically provided includes

  • Fulfilment of the Owner’s Engineer / Employer’s Representative role.
  • Vendor Competency Reviews and Assessment.
  • Witnessing and Evaluation of Factory Acceptance Tests.
  • Design Review and participation and evaluation of key studies, such as Hazops, DSEAR, ATEX, etc.
  • Interface management between sub-contractors and with third parties, utilities, Insurers, Planning Authority and Environmental Agency.
  • Programme auditing, management and monitoring critical path works.
  • Site supervision, including surveillance of construction quality.
  • Management of Health & Safety including CDM Coordination.
  • Testing and Commissioning, including Independent Certification.

Core Values

Our values drive our approach to conducting business with our clients and business partners as well as the way in which we work and collaborate with each other:

  •  Individual Priorities: Health, personal relationships, commitments to clients, and the firm.
  •  Teaming : We are more effective, more competitive, and happier when we work as a team.   “ Nobody is as smart as everyone”
  •  Quality : We bring a personal responsibility to assure quality and attention-to-detail.
  •  Hands-on : We hold ourselves accountable at the detailed level to make change happen.
  •  Speed : We ‘ make things happen fast’
  •  Creativity : We develop fresh and interesting ideas.
  •  Point of View : Have a well thought-out opinion and recommendation.
  •  Value Proposition : Commit to understanding and delivering the tangible value.
  •  Over Deliver : Manage client expectations , consistently exceeding them.
  •  Bold and Truthful : Tell the truth, even when it hurts.
  •  Celebrate Success : Our culture emphasizes celebration of successes balance with a high expectation of performance.

Our Clients

Our Client database is growing daily, some of the organisation that we are helping to protect the interests of include companies such as-
Masdar City,  Siemens Grundfos, General Electric, Global Green Growth Institute, Al Hilal Bank, The Climate Institute, Iceberg Construction and Marine,  General Authority of Ports Borders Free Zone Security.