SBA is a Middle East, Africa and Asia focused fully-integrated residential and commercial real estate and infrastructure development and disaster relief Solution Company. The company encompasses the entire value chain from concept to completion. SBA’s core activities are comprised of design and master planning for residential and commercial real estate and social infrastructure, disaster relief solutions (housing, medical and educational facilities), development and construction of affordable and sustainable homes and businesses, building components, and asset management.

SBA is committed to delivering value-based residential and commercial real estate, infrastructure and disaster relief solutions through applying pragmatism when meeting new challenges, delivering real benefits to individuals and societies with insightful innovations by building foundations from which future generations can attain prosperity.

SBA will provide a variety of modular & prefabricated residential and commercial real estate (manufactured via assembly line) customized to suit any geographical location and budget. The homes will be tailored made and fitted to work in unison with the local environment as well as with local styles and customs. All materials selected during construction ensure that every home achieves maximum in energy and water performance and efficiency thus reducing the

overall infrastructure costs. All materials used in the construction are chosen to ensure no VOCs are contained and all timber comes only from FSC forests. All buildings are designed and built to the highest international standards including USGBC (LEED) and BREEM.