Pre-fabricated design allows for fast construction.

SBA currently maintains a manufacturing facility in the US. SBA uses the most sophisticated systems-built technologies to construct single-family, multi-family, commercial properties, schools, medical facilities and disaster relief units. By building in controlled environments, SBA can construct in a much more efficient manner, while not at the mercy of weather and other delays. SBA’s US manufacturing facility creates the interior for the structures with all of the associated wood work and cabinetry, does the metal work and prepares the unit for installation of interior pieces, mounts the other elements onto the containers, installs plumbing and electrical components, and does finishing work to the units.

SBA ships with a variety of transportation companies depending upon the ultimate destination and the various container sizes to be shipped. Container shipping uses standard sized containers of:

  • 20 foot (6.09 meters),
  • 40 foot (12.18 meters),
  • 45 foot (14.6 meters),
  • 53 foot (16.15 meters).

Containers are built to international standard making them interchangeable between shipping companies, rail and truck companies. TEU is twenty-foot equivalent unit, which is the standard measure. Pricing is always going to be a key component in choosing a container shipping service.

SBA’s has many global EPC partners for projects where an EPC is required. SBA brings together large numbers of private sector developers, investors, bankers, technology & service suppliers, planners, financiers, and government regulators and works with them as a world class team.

SBA’s partners have designed and built many commercial and residential real estate properties as well as multiple infrastructure projects globally:

  • Roads & bridges,
  • Power plants,
  • Airports, seaports and marinas,
  • Hospitals and health care clinics,
  • Education facilities,
  • Convention centers,
  • Sports stadiums.

SBA oversees the preparation of the construction site as well as the assembly and finishing construction of the units on the delivery site. The SBA units arrive mostly complete and ready to attach to the foundation and to each other as they are designed for swift construction,
The units are typically installed in three days or less. The foundation is laid by injecting cement into cardboard tubing to which the connecting plates are attached. The depth is determined by the frost line. Completion is done by general contractors under the direction of SBA.

SBA was born from the belief that “there has to be a better way” to create affordable sustainable buildings as well as disaster relief. SBA has created groundbreaking and innovative sustainable designs:

  • Speedy – minimal time to construct;
  • Sturdy – exceeds US building codes;
  • Sustainable – net zero efficient homes.
  • No need for electric grid tie;
  • No need for municipal water connection;
  • No need for sewer link.

Working with SBA represents a compelling opportunity for high quality sustainable structures that can be constructed quickly.