The scope of work includes shell & core office building on plot J14/J15 (71m x 53m) including approximately 11,600 m2 gross floor areas inclusive of lobbies, cores, MEP equipment & facilities and unfinished office / retail space. The building features three individual segments covering both plots and connected by bridges structures and is built from an elevated podium structure. The MEP design requires innovative mixed mode ventilation, radiant cooling, natural lighting, solar power generation and building management systems. The central courtyard includes fountains, hardscape and landscape elements. Selective construction is required below the podium level for building work & MEP requirements.
The Building includes 4 lifts that will be produced and installed by the Contractor strictly in accordance with the specifications and sustainability requirements. The contractor is to include all secondary steelwork to the lift shafts. Also, the scope of work includes the following service connections to infrastructure:
• Potable water, non potable water, standpipe connection, sprinkler connection, chilled water, electrical supply and storm water drainage.