Superior Product

SBA specializes in creating sustainable building units that are quickly deployed, sturdy, energy & water efficient and made from recycled materials. SBA engineers, designs and constructs structurally superior sustainable buildings that dramatically reduce energy and water consumption that are:

  1. Cutting edge SBA designs alternative energy, water and sewage systems. In addition, SBA utilizes new and innovative materials and products in all of their designs. All structures are engineered to be durable enough to be earthquake and hurricane resistant. The goal is always to create energy and water efficient structures that are exceedingly durable.
  2. Unique, customized and resource efficient – SBA produces environmentally friendly residential and commercial real estate, social infrastructure and disaster relief units. SBA is committed to the research and development of sustainable materials that can be incorporated into our structures. SBA creates buildings that don’t need grid connectivity of any kind. Finally, all SBA solutions are customized for each individual project using a suite of components that can be combined in a myriad of ways.
  3. Commitment to clients – First and foremost, SBA listens to our clients’ wish list for every project. SBA is able to meet the needs of our clients while maximizing sustainability efforts on every assignment, which leads to long term relationships.

SBA’s commitment to building sustainably combined with SBA’s ability to create unique and innovative solutions has opened the doors for many remarkable projects. SBA brings together architectural, engineering, construction, project finance and other competencies to create a team that enthusiastically applies green solutions. SBA is dedicated to continual research and application of innovative uses of green technologies, materials, and principles to create sustainable solutions in building and building infrastructure.

SBA is an architectural design, manufacturing and constructioncompany with experience developing products and concepts. The team is highly creative, qualified and passionate about what they do.  The best and the brightest have been gathered together at SBA to assist clients in realizing their vision.